Thursday, July 16, 2009

Race Upcoming and Off Topic Pics

How's this for a hodge-podge (sp?) post?! Pics of my latest obsession (Deck!) Pics from my vacation (yes, photography is a passion of mine) and ramblings about my upcoming race: The Strawberry Fields Triathlon (Olympic Dist.)

This Sunday is just my second Tri - although I feel like I'm not quite that green! I've been working pretty hard on the bike for the last month or so. I must say I've falled off the wagon running a bit - track work once a week and a medium run or two a week and that's it....Swimming so-so. That's the one sport I'm decent at so I tend to neglect it. So without further goals.

Swim 1500m: 27:30ish (1:50/100m) - should be pretty doable, no faster than my first tri back in March

Bike 40k: 1:14:30ish (20mph) - up from 18.5, more comfy on the bike, easier course

Run 10k: 54:20ish (8:45/mile) - I'd be more ambitious here but know myself and if I go out to hard after the bike I'm done. I'll start out here and if I feel good I'll go harder!

With the transitions I'm thinking between 2:40 and 2:45, about 6-10 minutes off my first. I'd definitely like to go sub 2:45 and possibly 2:40 if it goes really well. We'll see!

Without further adieu, here's my favorite pics from my trip up North...

For more you can check out my MobileMe gallery:

And here are the promised pics of the newly completed deck! :)

Oh yeah, the lens I shot with (Canon 10-22) makes it look much, much bigger!

Will letcha know how Sunday goes! Hopefully I'm not too sore from hauling all that wood!


  1. These pictures are really cool looking! Thanks for sharing them all. I really like the two bald eagles! Also, nice work on the deck as well. That looks like it is a great addition.

  2. Very cool pictures. I think I remember you went to the San Juan Islands? I've never been but since I live in OR now I should make the trek =).

    Excited to read your race report. I have my first Tri (sprint) on August 1st.

  3. @Chic - thanks! The balds are cool aren't they?
    @Alisa - what tri are you doing? i think they should have one in the San Juans!

  4. Great pics, cool deck, good luck!

    'nuff said!

  5. 1. very cool photos !
    2. love the deck !
    3. hope you had a fantastic race today :)

  6. Wow- what a beautiful deck! You are very talented! My dad loved to build things and there is just nothing like a home built with love. Congrats and enjoy your hard work!



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