Saturday, April 24, 2010

T-Minus 2 Months

It's been awhile since I updated the blog, and in a few days it'll be 2 months to my Ironman!  But honestly....I'm so fried.

This training has been intense and unrelenting.  I've been improving steadily though --- but at this point I just want to cross that finish line!

Without going into too many details my current "build" weeks have around 20 hours of training.  It's been quite the balancing act with my wife, work and friends.  But it has been going well and I'm sure I can endure a few more months of this mayhem.

I have a few events coming up.

5/1 Piru 40k Time Trial
5/8 Cruisin the Conejo Century
5/16 Bonelli Triathlon (kinda Oly Dist.)
6/1 Piru 40k Time Trial

Excited about all these in addition to the epic rides that I usually do on Saturdays.  Today I climbed Latigo, Piuma, Sheryn and Old Topanga.  Ugh!  Total ride time was 6 hr, 82 miles and about 6,300 feet of gain.  Then a quick transition run with Henry.

I've been soooo drowsy since and there's no way I'm doing any work today!

I should also mention I've started to work on my debut solo album.  I've got about 4 of the tracks with rough drafts and I hope to do more tracks in the coming months as long as the "real work" gives me time to!

More soon....we'll see if I can type after the Time Trial next weekend.


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