Sunday, December 7, 2008

The City of Angels Half Marathon

Time for my last race before Houston - the City of Angeles Half Marathon!  I was hoping to beat my performance in SB - here’s my brief wrap up. 

Early morning...5:00am, ate some cereal, out the door by 5:30.  Parked at the LA Music Cent

er downtown, and was on the shuttle bus to Griffith Park by 5:45 am.  Sleepy.  Arrived at the zoo a little after 6:00....almost an hour and a half till race start - bummer!  Got my bib, ran into my good friend Kai from the trail runner’s club.  Started the race in the first wave - the 5:00-9:00 group.  Why not?  Kept good pace, but really needed to pee by mile 2 - so I had to spend 30 or so seconds in a porta-potty.  I was pretty pleased with my splits early on, and was worried about the hills impacting this, but I just shortened my stride, chugged up at about 10:00-10:30 pace and made it up on the downhill.

I started to get pretty tired around mile 10, but with just 3 

miles to go knew I had to keep it going!  On a steep hill at around 10.5 I actually walked for a few strides - not good!  Immediately got dizzy, so resumed running, slowly.  Good choice.

After mile 12 I really had no idea where I was at with my goal.  My goal for Houston is “officially” 4:30, but I’d really like to go for 4:20 if possible.  For that to happen, based on the McMillian calculator I’d need to pull a 2:03 half.  Now that’s averaging about 9:30/mile for 13 miles - pretty ambitious for me honestly.  I did know I was somewhat within that range, but the last half mile or so was in a tunnel!  So I had no GPS to tell me where I was at.  I did smell blood and really put the pedal to the metal that last stretch.  

I passed dozens of people in the tunnel and crossed my fingers the finish line was real close at the “light at the end.”  It was a few hundred yards around the corner, I again sped up as fast as I could - I saw the clock had just ticked 2:03 so I knew I was right in the pocket!  Crossing the line was great - I made it a point to make funny faces for all the photographers.  Stay tuned for those.

When I looked down at my Garmin I realized I had met my goal with near perfection.  Crazy - it read 2:02:59.  I was biting my nails waiting for the official results and was pleased that I was even a second quicker.  Took a nice long nap upon arrival at home....Next stop Houston.  Then I think I’ll try and break 2 hrs in a half early next year!

Here’s some boring technical data...

Official Time: 2:02:58 (pace average = 9:28/mile, HR average = 172)

Mile 1: 9:08 (HR = 152)

Mile 2: 9:38 (HR = 160)

Mile 3: 9:22 (HR = 166)

Mile 4: 9:19 (HR = 171)

Mile 5: 9:16 (HR = 172)

Mile 6: 9:44 (HR = 174)

Mile 7: 9:44 (HR = 176)

Mile 8: 9:23 (HR = 177)

Mile 9: 9:00 (HR = 175)

Mile 10: 9:46 (HR = 180)

Mile 11: 9:27 (HR = 178)

Mile 12: 9:31 (HR = 180)

Mile 13: 9:32 (HR = 186)

End HR = 194 (!)


1st half: 1:01:19

2nd half: 1:01:32


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