Thursday, June 30, 2011

2 Big Announcements, 1 Race Report

Training has been going well.  But first, some killer news...earlier this week I finished writing the theme music for the Tour de France!  That's right, my tunes will be featured daily on Versus starting this Saturday.  Check out my "real" website to find out more.

Pretty excited about this gig!

Secondly, I think I eluded in my short Wildflower Race Report, but I got in the Kona lottery!  This means on October 8th I'll be going for my second Ironman on sacred ground.  I'll write more about this later, but this one is VERY personal as Hawaii was very much THE SPOT for my dad and I.  And we were in Kona about 2 months before his stroke - our last vacation together.  I haven't been back since.  Should be amazing.

Finally, I raced this last weekend, the "Breath of Life" Olympic distance in Ventura.  I had a crazy swim - 23 minutes!  (Pretty sure the course was short...)  The bike was rocking it at 22 mph or so until I flatted!  No!  Then to realize I had the wrong size valve stem for my race wheels...yada yada.  14 minutes later I rode back at speed and put down a solid 51 minute run - by far my strongest run off the bike in shorter course racing (I still consider my Ironman - which was over a year ago my best.)  All in all a good race, would have been a sub 2:35 effort but instead I settled for a 2:47 or so.  Oh well!

Next up is the Vineman Full Aquabike at the end of July.  It's basically an Ironman without the run.  I'll be testing things like what it's like to ride 112 miles in an aero helmet in hear, nutrition, etc.  Just about 3 months out!  I should also mention I'm working with a great dude from Carmichael Training Systems - David Forkner.  Super nice guy - thanks Jason Koop (my friend from the UltraMarathon Man movie I scored) for the hookup.  More soon!

Oh, and some pics from last Sunday's race...


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