Monday, December 6, 2010

SB Ride and 13.1 Los Angeles

So I did my 2nd longest ride on T-day.  From LA at dawn to mom's house North of Santa Barbara at about 3pm.  The windiest ride of my life!  I almost got blown off the bike at one point!  It was in my face for about 50% of the time - at my side for about 40% and at my back (which was awesome) for maybe 10%.  But it was a great day, and I even had time (and energy!) to hike to Ellwood (where my dad is) at sunset.  Then I ate probably 2000 calories worth of food.  A good day.

I took this pic at the start:

And this pic about halfway up:

And this pic (with the good camera, multiple exposures fused together) at Ellwood:

Just like last year, I'll be running in the 13.1 Los Angeles.

I probably won't be going fast, as I've been recovering from some minor knee issues.  I'm much better now and am starting to run regularly again.  And just like last year, I've got a free entry to give away!  So first person who responds here and wants's all yours.  Good luck and see you there!


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