Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year, New Races

So I've started 2011 well, working hard professionally and physically.  Last week I had my first week of structured training since last June (pre-Ironman.)

It was my first trip back to the pool and surprisingly felt pretty good!  Anyway...

1) I did a 20k time trial on my new bike last weekend out in Piru.  I did a 34 or so minute ride --- and I was hoping for 30!  Oh well.  It was windy...but I still got first in my age group!  (Out of......three.....)  I look forward to improving on this soon.

2) Last Sunday I ran the LA 13.1 for fun.  It was actually a blast having zero pressure.  I basically just chilled out and ran with my friend Jess.  She wasn't feeling so hot, so during one of our breaks I decided to jump in and volunteer at an aid station.  I yelled "water, water, water" as fast as I could.  It was pretty goofy and included skipping (as in the gait, or style of moving, not bypassing) the finish.  I want to carry a penny whistle next time so I can play a jig at the same time.  Scary thing is that I'm serious!

Anyway, I've got tunnel vision to Wildflower Long Course (70.3) on May 1.  Why do I always pick the hard races?  There are many easier courses for my first 70.3.  Oh well!


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