Monday, July 27, 2009

Nike FREEs Sortof Review

So I scored a pair of Nike frees yesterday.  The chick at the store was extremely pessimistic about these shoes working for...I felt like she almost wasn't going to sell them to me!  I do overpronate a bit, and thus wear stability shoes.  The frees are neutral.  Anyway, I did end up getting them, and have got 60 days to decide if I want to keep them.  (roadrunner sports)

This weekend was pretty good training.  Went on a 4.5 hr ride up Pch - really enjoyed the big waves!  It was quite the sight.  On Sunday took a 30 minute swim near the marina sans wetsuit - so liberating.  I was planning on doing a medium run with my friend Jessica, but stupidly forgot my shoes!  Instead we just ended up doing a few miles (prob 3) on the sand.

I've really been focusing on my form lately.  Lift the knees, kick the butt, land midfoot.  In keeping with this spirit I thought the frees might help me with this. 

This morning, even though I was a bit sore from the long ride I headed out for a few easy miles in the old shoes.  The first mile sucked, but I quickly got into it.  After a loop I headed home and laced up the frees.

Wow.  These things are freaking light!!!  Like nothing.  Still focusing on my form it was definitely easier to strike midfoot in these pups.  My pace also shot up without any extra perceived effort.  All in all I covered 2.5 miles in the frees.  I want to say they definitely rock, but am a bit reluctant to call myself a convert just yet.  

I got back into my nike triax 11s (which are still very light when compared to my workhorse asics kayanos) and I literally felt like I had concrete blocks on my feet!!!!! I could also feel them really controlling my stride.  My feet felt like they were rolling out!  I got used to the extra weight and control after a few minutes and finished the run despite some it band tightness (from the bike?). Definitely need to keep up the stretching.

So I'm definitely sold that stability shoes really enforce a stride.  I'm just not so sure these frees will protect me enough from the road when the miles pile up....  Time will tell!  

Btw, I'm writing this post from my iPhone while waiting for my car at costco. Here's some irony, my Scion is getting new tires!


  1. I have a scion too! Love them. Interesting about the frees, I have looked at them before as well.

  2. Great job working on form. That is something I probably should do. I am a heel striker and my right leg flares out!

  3. Nice, I won a pair of Nike Lunar glides last week, we'll see I love my Kayanos!

  4. @Chic - what Scion do you ride? I'm in an 04 XB. We're about to grab an 09 XB as well. Scion fam!

    @D10 - I've got crap form unless I really's all a work in progress though, ain't it?

    @Stuart - I didn't know you're a Kayano guy too Stu? Haven't tried the 15s yet....keep me posted on the Lunars - had a friend recommend them too.



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