Sunday, May 3, 2009

Santa Monica Classic 10k

After last week's race in Big Sur I had a case of PMLDS (Post Marathon Let Down Syndrome).  We've all been there, and especially considering I didn't "race" it, I felt like I wanted to push myself a bit this weekend.  I didn't run much this last week - the knees are still week from Big Sur!  I did a short recovery jog, played some ice hockey Weds and went out for a 40 mile ride on Friday.  But today was the Santa Monica Classic 10k.  I've never done this distance, outside of my triathlon at least!  And for a good cause:  Heal the Bay

My plan was to go out at an 8:00 pace and try and pick it up after mile 2 if possible.  There was a climb before mile 4 and I knew I'd slow a bit there, but then it was all downhill - I wanted to punch it towards the end.

Wake up call: 6:15 AM.  I drove down to Santa Monica and jogged towards the start line about a mile away (it's a point to point, so I parked near the finish.)  I ran into my bro Eric from the LA Tri Club - we visited for a bit while the DJ at the start was trying WAY too hard...poor guy.

At 8 AM sharp we were off.  I tried to position myself towards the front - this is new for me!  I settled into a nice 8 minute pace, sometimes going into the high 7s a bit.  The first mile was through Main Street SM - nice.  At around 1 mile I saw my pal Billy running with his cousin.  He had mentioned he might come by and I was thrilled to see a friendly face (two if you count his cuz!)  We exchanged pleasantries and I carried on down to Ocean Ave.  Definitely a false flat between miles 1.5-3...but I chugged on!  I had my Garmin set to Time, Pace and Average Pace.  I wanted to keep the overall average pace below 8 to reach my goal of breaking 50 minutes.  In the back of my mind I would have loved to break 48...but this being my first 10k just wanted to try hard.

Between miles 3-4 we climbed about 100 vertical feet on San Vicente.  It sounds like nada, but this was a little rough for me trying to keep pace.  I slowed just a tad and was definitely feeling it at the turnaround.  I flew down that hill though!  I also ran into my buddy Bill Lockton who was watching the race in front of his house.

The final 2 miles was a gentle downhill and at the 5 mile mark there was Billy and his cuz again!  I was definitely struggling to hang on at this point, but Billy decided to run with me!  Pretty cool!  I was definitely kicking it as hard as I could - it was downhill after all.  Billy peeled off at the 6 mile mark and that last .2 felt like FOREVER!  But I made it - Garmin time = 48:11.  

What a great experience.  Love the shorter distance - it definitely breaks you in a different way!  Next week I'm in SB for screenings of my film and then running the SB Wine Country Half Marathon.  I was originally hoping for the low 1:50s (which would be a big PR) but seeing the LA Marathon is 3 weeks away I'm thinking of going a little easier - perhaps sub 2:00 (still a PR)

Here are my splits for today's race...

Mile 1: 8:00, 166 HR
Mile 2: 7:48, 177 HR
Mile 3: 8:00, 181 HR
Mile 4: 8:03, 185 HR
Mile 5: 7:26, 185 HR
Mile 6: 6:34 (!) 189 HR
Last .2 (on the Garmin it's .34...) 2:16, 192 HR

Chip Time: 48:11.7
Age Group: 40/167
Overall: 270/1663

Pics courtesy of Billy Burger:

About a mile in...

Mile 5 - not smiling!

Home stretch!  The hardest .2 ever...


  1. Great job out there today man - great debut for your first 10K.

    Btw, just plugged your 'unofficial' time into McMillian. Predicted times for the following:

    1/2 - 1:47:XX
    full - 3:46:XX

    I know 10K's aren't the most accurate for marathons, but it does say you have a great PR lined up for you next week!

  2. nice race -- especially that last mile - way to kick it in ! I think you can definitely go sub 2 in a HM. I think we are similar speeds (my 10K PR is 47:50) and I've gone 1:47xx at HMs. You can do it !

  3. I read this on Billy's blog.

    I think you did great!!

  4. Thanks ya'll - definitely a vegetable the rest of the day though! :) No races are easy, eh? (Yes, Texan and Canadian in one post)

  5. Nice solid time.

    Next time I am down there we will have to meet up for a run. I am sure you know of some sweet trails.

  6. Great job out there! You ran the race you wanted. You are right, the short races break you in a different way.

  7. Wow! I didnt know you were so fast.
    Im loving that last mile. Check out
    the floor plan in SB, Im two booths
    from you. See you Friday

  8. Fast? Me? No! I guess I just tried to put my head down - but it sure hurt like hell! Trying to figure out what I'm doing for the Half-Mar this weekend....



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