Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Legs on Strike

Had a great 5 mile recovery run with Billy Monday...took yesterday of and decided to go for a medium (albeit slow) run this AM.  It's somewhat warm so I wore my singlet...and by mile 1 I could tell this was not going to be my day.  My Garmin battery died, I had some stomach issues and by the SM Airport (about 2.5 miles from my house) my legs were totally done.  So I'm guessing about 5 miles on the day - with a lot of it walking.  WTF?!

I'm gonna shrug it off and still shoot for an 8:20 pace to start the SB Wine Country Half on Saturday.  Not sure if I can hold on to that ambitious a pace the whole 13, but we'll see!

Arg...I hate crappy run days!


  1. Good luck on Sat. LOVE Santa Barbara!!! On your way back, stop in Thousand Oaks at the sister's wine bar next to the civic center...have a glass!

    (unless of course you don't drink!)

  2. If I've learned anything about bad run days, it's that they pop up once in awhile at seemingly odd times. Just forget about it and focus on the next run coming up.

  3. Gotta have the lows to know the highs! You'll bounce back!

  4. I have crappy days all of the time. You just do your best when it happens and shrug it off.

    For your half on Sunday think negative splits. Ease into it. My best races I always run the second half faster. My marathon PR came off of a negative split.

    Anyways have fun and dont be afraid to suffer. Cant wait to read about it.



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