Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Ol' Hockey and Ramblings

Before running and triathlon I played a lot of hockey.  After college I decided to try my hand playing ice hockey.  I played a little street hockey growing up, and somehow upon my graduation in 2001 the flame reignited.  I've been a fairly loyal LA Kings fan ever since and have enjoyed my time on the ice, mostly at the nearby Culver Ice Arena.  

Since I lost my dad and discovered running my passion for hockey has somewhat diminished.  So much so I actually ended up "changing teams" (not that team to team!) and moved to a less competitive group of guys.  I've still been playing a 2-3 times a month - kinda makes for an interesting cross training!

The last few times I've played I've had an absolute blast.  One thing that fascinates me tremendously about Hockey is that when you're in a game you forget about life in a very big way.  To be honest all that I can really remember for that hour and change is that my name is "Cody."  (Yes, from my team mates yelling at me!)  After the game I remember "I have a wife, I have a dog, etc."

I miss this feeling.  I find running especially to be incredibly introspective.  I do some great thinking running.  That's great, but there's something magical about "checking your life at the door."  Thoughts?  Maybe I should listen to music a bit more...

Oh and here's a fake pic of me fighting.

Oh yeah, I'm pissed Danny got eliminated off Idol this week!  Kris is mediocre at best and reminds me of the generic smug popular guy in high school.  (/vent.)


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  2. Being from Alaska I grew up playing hockey. I love the sport and you are right when you said that there is not anytime for thinking. The time flies by during a game.

    Running is the opposite it that regard.

  3. Ha, that photo is awesome. My brother in law and his dad are big into hockey -- they play on a local team in New Jersey



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