Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Ready!

Less than 36 hours to go before my big day - turning 30 and ringing it in with my first tri - the UCSB Triathlon!  Thought I'd take a moment to jot down my goals for the big day...

• First and foremost = have fun and finish
• The time goals:

Swim = roughly 30 minutes...I can do 1.5k in less in ideal conditions, but this is freezing open water with tons of swimmers around me for the first time

T1 = swim->bike...shouldn't take too long, right?  I'm hoping for under 4 minutes, depending on how far I have to run to get to my bike...let's say 5 to be safe...

Bike = 40k...I'm hoping ideally I can go sub 1:20.  This requires around an 18.5 mph average...I think I'm capable of that - but this is the biggest question mark for me.  I'm pretty sure I can finish in under 1:30, so that's my "B" goal...

T2 = bike->run....again shouldn't be a big deal, let's say 3 minutes!

Run = 10k...on a good running day I might be able to break 50 minutes (around 8 min/mile pace,) but after the run I'm thinking around 54 minutes...let's say 55.

That brings me in at 2:55.  Breaking 3 hours (which I'm told is a respectable time) would definitely be huge in my book.  I'd really love to give it a go.  I'm feeling pretty darn confident in my training - I've worked hard...especially on the bike which is newest to me.  My friend Billy says he's never heard me so confident going into a race.  I sure hope so.  I know I can finish.  It'd be rocking to go for a killer time on my first, but if I don't make it in the twos I'll have many, many more chances!  Can't wait for Sunday!  (and the party after!)  :)


  1. You sound ready!
    Enjoy yourself.
    I start training for my first tri
    Monday. I look forward to reading
    your report.

  2. Good luck dude - you're definitely ready!



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