Saturday, February 7, 2009

Triathlon Training

I'm nearly 3 weeks out from Houston and knee deep into my next endeavor:  Training for my first Triathlon - on my 30th birthday in March.  (3/29)  I'm having a great time swimming in the pool and in the ocean.  

Last week, swimming with an experienced member of the LA Tri Club, I swam a mile at Venice beach.  We were accompanied by dolphins and sea lions - it was amazing!  

I've also been hopping on the bike a lot, but the rain has grounded such efforts the last few days.  Today I'll be running for my 3rd day straight - perhaps an easy 8 miler.  And tomorrow if it's clear I hope to go for a long ride....we'll see!

Body's pretty sore - I must admit I'm obsessed with training at this point.  With Tri, I'm learning there's always something you can do.  I've been doing some core/light weight work too...but I think I'd be best not to push things TOO far.  I've still got 6 or 7 weeks to go!

In other news we're in the midst of planning more screenings of "Running for my Father."  Details to follow...

Reviews continue to come in as well:

And to be completely random here are a few cool bird pics I took last week up in SB.  White Tailed Kites (endangered raptors) are becoming my favorite...


  1. Very cool! I read Aron's review. Similar to mine =).

    I'm hoping to jump on the Tri train this summer too, I've stepped up my swimming!

    Hopefully you'll post something about your March Tri.

  2. I really want to participate in some tri's in the future. My plan is to start with the biking and then add swimming. I look forward to reading your journey.



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