Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Week In Review and some plans...

Economic stimulus, check.  

Longest bike ride to date, check.  

Rain in SoCal, check.  

Swim workouts, check.  

Computer issues, check.

Dad's birthday (2/9) which is also Henry's birthday!  Check.

Homemade V-Day dinner, check.

This was indeed an interesting week.  I still have no real training schedule.  I'm basically going day to day with my focus being on improving my biking and swimming.  I'm fortunate enough to be seeing these improvements!  I'm starting to enjoy the bike as I get more comfortable.  I put in a good 37 mile ride on Wednesday in about 2:20.  

So what's this post about?  Very good question.  I'm going to take this next week to settle into some sort of training program.  I'm careful to make time for some long runs (I put in 12 at 9:15 pace today...which is, btw ahead of my half marathon PR!)  I want to make sure I'm ready for Big Sur in April.  So for are my updated goals for the year:

3/29 - First Olympic Distance Tri - I hope to finish in about 3 hours, maybe a 3:10

4/26 - Big Sur Int'l Marathon - I have no goal other than to enjoy the course

5/9 - SB Wine Country Half - We'll be showing the film at the event!  Julia will also be running.  Julia's hoping to break 2:30 and I'm hoping to break 2:00

5/x - LA or SD Marathon....hmmmmm......

6/x - Another Tri...somewhere

7/x - Another Tri - somewhere

8/22 - SB Triathlon, Long Course - goal TBD

10/x - LA Tri

12/7 - SB Int'l Marathon

OK....great, right?  I'm also thinking about a 70.3 in September if I can find cool would that be?


  1. Aweosme goals on the calendar! I say for your 5/X you run SD...there are a TON of us running! I really liked the course last year.

    Wow a 70.3...I think that's my goal for 2010. This year, I'd like to get in a few sprint tri's and maybe an olympic distance in Septemberish!

  2. I agree with Alisa. The RnR San Diego is so much fun especially with the spectators.

    I got your DVD in the mail this past weekend and watched it with my family. We all loved it! Thanks for sharing your inspirational story. I'll be writing up a review to share on my blog soon.

  3. OK, you guys are starting to sway me...but what if I ran both LA and SD? (...slowly though...) Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself! :)



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