Thursday, November 18, 2010

Long Time? I'm back to blogging. Oh goody.

Wow it's been a long time...

I guess I've taken a hiatus on structured training, structured goals and blogging.  It sure is nice to have my life back after 9 months of hard training and a long European vacation!  But I can't complain.

I've done no racing since the big day and have started to plan my 2011 season.  I'm already contemplating another Ironman for 2012, but next year is all about one main goal and two main races.

The Goal:

I want to fly on the bike.  I feel like I have some untapped potential riding and I really love it.  I hesitate to say I enjoy parts of it more than running, but it's a close one.  I think with some hard work (I've learned to be pretty good at working hard!) I can make huge improvements on the bike.  I'm hoping my run doesn't suffer too much as a result, but I've been taking time off that anyway due to some knee issues.  (No big deal, just playing it safe for now...)

The Races:

Wildflower Half Ironman on May 1.  I've never done a half (ironically) and this one is tough.  I guess I like it tough...I'm not sure on time yet, but I'd love to break 2 hours on the run (pretty ambitious for me - it's hilly, as is the bike) and MAYBE, just MAYBE sub 6 hour finish.

Vineman Full Aquabike on July 30.  This is an intriguing Ironman...but without the run!  This will allow me to go all out on the bike.  I gotta say I'm pretty excited about this idea.

The Bikes:

So...I now have 3 bikes.  You can definitely say I'm addicted.  I have my road bike, my commuter bike (a single speed I use around town on errands and stuff) and the newest addition, my Look 576 Tri-Bike.  It's AMAZING!  I love this thing.  Fun stuff.

The Plan:

I'm cycling from my house in LA to mom's house in Northern SB on Thanksgiving, in part to avoid the car ride with the inlaws.  It's 115 miles and I plan on starting at about 6am.  Should be epic and I'll sure earn my Turkey!  I start training for Wildflower in December and I'm excited to have a bit more structure then.  I'll have some other races along the way, including the LA 13.1 (more on that on the next post) in January and a reverse sprint triathlon in February.

I'm also toying with the idea of doing a road race or two on the bike but must say I'm a little scared of crashing.  (gulp)

We'll see!


  1. Nice wheels!

    You know if you really want to go faster you'll need to shave your legs!



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