Monday, March 22, 2010

The LA Marathon Experience

What a day!  (Well, yesterday...)

I woke up at about 4 AM to ride with a few friends from the Westside to the start at Dodger Stadium on the dark streets of LA.  The sunrise once we arrived was stunning.

I went out with the LA TriClub as a "pace timer."  On our bikes we basically leap-frogged the elite athletes and called their times into the media.  

Talk about a bird's eye view.  For several miles we would tail the field of elite men by mere feet!  It was amazing.

We were caught on TV quite a bit!  (This newscaster got a lot of sun...)

After the race I did a sequence of timelapses.  I got some killer vantage points with my Media Pass (long story!)

All in all an incredible day and I'm proud of my friends who all had a killer time on such a great course. (LA FINALLY got it right!)  Great job runners!


  1. I only wish I had a bike Sunday!

  2. What a cool job! I'd love to be a bike pace timer for some race :)



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