Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bike Mileage PR and IT Issues

Quick blog today.  I've been dealing with some IT band issues ever since my big build two weeks ago.  It's definitely getting better, but is definitely holding back my training a bit.  A few random items of note:

• My mom turned 60 today.  Yay Mom!
• My orchestra piece for the SB Symphony is complete.  Phew.
• Only 147 Days Until IM France, but who's counting?

Other than that, I took a great ride up PCH with my great friend Eric.  We made it all the way to Big Rock (about 40 miles North of Santa Monica) for a huge mileage PR - logging 83 miles in about 5 hours of riding.  My big complaint about Eric (I can him Ewik) is he's way too serious:

And we managed to get dropped (no surprise there) by the BMC Pro Team!  Eric and I both had the same idea of sprinting to try and keep up with them for a minute at what must be their recovery pace.  We both redlined and descended back into reality very quickly.  See how far away they are by the time I got the camera phone out?!  (That's their van following.)

Then we saw this:

A great day with another ride (climb) tomorrow since I'm sidelined from any running for another day or so.  But on the upside the swim is really coming along.  I did a 50 meter sprint in sub :40 the other day.  I'm told that's not too horrible.  At least I have a trace of natural ability in one of the three disciplines!  :)

Till next time!


  1. Ah and from big rock to the turnaround would have given you a tidy century!

    Nice job on the ride!

  2. Great ride! Any links to hear your music?

  3. NICE ride, Cody! That's some killer climbing and killer distance. You'll be pounding me into the ground on the long rides come a few months!

    Congrats on your orchestral work as well - as you know, I'm a Juilliard-trained violinist, so I know full well how much work and ability that takes. Hats off to you!



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