Sunday, April 19, 2009

Running with LA Runner

Um...yeah...what Billy said minus 5 miles.  :)

The beach was my favorite part.

Next on the schedule for me:

4/26 Big Sur Marathon - Goal: To Enjoy It and Finish (No time goal, not wearing watch)
5/9 SB Wine Country - Goal: A) Sub 1:55
5/25 LA Marathon - Goal: PR... depending on weather (and ME!) would love to go 4:20

June/July will be more Oly Tris
August will be the SB Long Course (1m swim, 35m bike, 10m run)

Fun stuff!


  1. Man look at you go, hardcore all the way!

  2. Your marathon is this weekend! You are right, go out there and enjoy the race and do the best you can.



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